Answers Before You Visit Our El Sobrante Pawn Shop

Our staff at Lucy’s Coin and Jewelry Pawn are asked the same questions repeatedly. To make your visit to our shop faster and easier, some answers are available here. If your question isn’t on this page, you can call or ask when you visit us.

Some of the questions we have been asked are:

  • What is a pawn?
  • How often will I make payments on my loan?
  • Why are your prices lower than others?
  • Should I sell or pawn my item?
  • Why should I choose your pawn shop?

What is a pawn?

A pawn is a loan. Your item is the collateral for the loan, and the amount you receive is dependent on the item’s value. Your item is stored on site in our vaults until you pay off the loan. By California law, your loan will be four months long. During that time, you can pay off the loan, or pay the interest and renew the loan for another four months. However, if you do not pay or renew the loan, your item becomes ours to sell to recover the money we loaned.

How often will I make payments on my loan?

You only need to make one payment at any time during the period of the loan, either to pay off the loan and receive your item back or pay just the interest to renew the loan for another four months. If you need more time, you can pay the interest and renew the loan for four more months. When the loan is paid in full, you receive your item back.

If I already have an item in pawn, can I add another item?

Yes, you can pawn as many items as you want at any time. The loan you receive on one item doesn’t affect any loans for any other items.

Why are the prices for items that you sell lower than others?

We are in the instant cash market, so we can pay closer to the actual price of the item. With fewer variables to deal with, it saves us money when purchasing our stock. We can then pass those savings on to you.

Should I sell or pawn?

The choice is entirely up to you. If you don’t need it, sell it. If you want to eventually get it back, pawn it. People who sell their item to us do get more than those that pawn it, so if you really don’t need it, sell it.

Why should I choose your pawn shop?

There are several reasons to choose us. First, we don’t charge if you lose your original ticket. For another, we have over 32 years of experience in this business to offer you. We also take a wide variety of merchandise that other pawnshops don’t.

Just give us a call at (510) 758-7000 if you would like to learn more!


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